Services & Offers

B3’s products and services were designed based on what we would buy for ourselves and offered to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our goal is simple- provide entrepreneurs and investors with high-level services to solve your problems by helping you plan your Visa/Residency path, launch your next business, and start the next phase of your life. Our carefully curated menu of services was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, promising the highest quality and attention to detail. 

A La Carte' Visa/Kitas

These services are for those looking for help with just the Visa or Kitas program and nothing more, we take you through the process of filing and obtaining your visa.

Select the visa program you want to get started with.

Business Builder Package

Work directly with our team to plan out your entire business launch from branding and logo design to entity structure and website development. 

Pricing starts at 200M IDR

White Glove Service

Our most immersive and bespoke experience, designed for those who expect only the very best. You will work directly with our team through sourcing your real estate (personal or commercial use), design and layout, then development all the way through to your business launching. Any websites and branding would happen alongside this process. 

This is the highest level of service we offer for those who want full access through the entire relocation process.

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